In the documents you will see the topics at each grade level organized under an NCTM Focal Points. I have provided the NCTM Focal Point which I think corresponds to the set of expectations organized by topic on the left. I have also provided the current designation and the proposed designation. Please note that if an expectation has been identified as core it must correspond to a Focal Point. However, in an effort to reach the 20 core target, some of the expectations that are under a Focal Point topic may be designated as extended.

In these latest drafts we have also brought in the Benchmarks for the Critical Foundations of Algebra, identified by the National Mathematics Advisory Panel (more information go to Doing What Works site).

A note about the Focal Points: as much as possible I have kept the original NCTM wording. The language in a few have been modified to fit our set of expectations. I've indicated the grade level that NCTM assigned the focal point to which may or may not match our own grade level focus, as defined by the GLCE.

We still need to format these documents and add the connections. Interested in helping with this? Contact Ruth Anne Hodges,

A look at the Focal Points across the grades:

This document is intended to be model for showing how expectations "connect" from K through 1st and 2nd grades to each of the 3rd grade focal points.