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Why Michigan Focal Points?

Michigan Focal Points and the MEAP

Based on input from mathematics educators across the state, we now have a final set of focal points. These focal points in turn were used to update the core and extended designations for 2-7 GLCE. Why? This year the MEAP was faced with the job of shortening the MEAP test to comply with the requirement that the mathematics test be administered on one common day across the state yet at the same time incorporate the future core into the test. Using the focal points as a guide, core expectations must be linked to a focal point and there can be no more than 20 core expectations for each test. Each core expectation is tested with 2 items. The rest of the expectations are considered extended and tested with one item, sampled as necessary to keep the test with no more than 60 items. The new core and extended designations is posted on the official MDE websites (www.michigan.gov/mathematics, and www.michigan.gov/glce ).

However, since the core and extended designations document does not specifically show how the expectations and focal points link to each other, the documents here might be helpful as you go about doing your local curriculum work. Also the MEAP School Summary reports and Item Analysis reports specify the expectations that are linked to each focal point.

For more information on the MEAP design and reports click here

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